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Welcome to the California Connection, the weekly news service provided in English and Spanish by the California Council of the Blind.

Remember that in order to have a message in on the next connection, please provide the message either to the office or to Gabe Griffith directly at (925) 768-8195 or Ca.connection@ccbnet.org by Wednesday before the connection is recorded, or it will need to be placed in the following connection.

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California Connection - Current Eddition
August 18, 2017

Welcome to the California connection for August 18.
In order to have a message in the connection, please provide the message either to the office or to Gabe Griffith directly at (925) 768-8195 or ca.connection@ccbnet.org by 5:00 PM on Wednesday before the connection is recorded.
Also, please make sure your message states in the subject line that it is for the connection or it may be missed.

From The President

There will be no Presidents call in August. We will resume in September with discussion about chapter elections, Canes Across California and more!

Seeking An Accountant

CCB is looking for an Accountant who can volunteer their time to help develop Internal Financial Controls in accordance with GAAP principles for the office.

Call Paul in the office at 800-221-6359 if you know anyone who may be interested in helping out.

Canes Across California

Registration for round two ends Monday August 21. We need more of you to step up so we can get discounted prices on our t-shirts and so we can keep the momentum for this event going.

CCB Survey

Thanks to the almost 20 people who have already completed the survey.

Under the original impetus of the Publications Committee, a number of people have worked long and hard to prepare this all-important survey of our members to find out who we are, what skills we have and what needs CCB should work toward meeting.
The survey contains about 30 questions and may take up to a half hour to complete.

The survey can be completed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZRD7YDX
or call Nicole at the office at 800-221-6359 to assist you in completing it.

Redwood Empire Chapter Meeting

Come join the redwood Empire chapter for our September meeting where we will hear from Jeff Thom on CCB governmental affairs issues.

When: September 9 from noon to 3:00 PM.
Where: Earle Baum Center of the Blind, 4539 Occidental Road, room 3, Santa Rosa.
There will be a pizza and soda lunch before the meeting starts.
Cost for lunch: $5

Please RSVP to Larry hall by phone at (707)538-2153 or by email at larry3@sonic.net by noon on September 6 so we know how much to order.

Thank you for reading,
Have a nice day

Gabe Griffith

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