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Welcome to the California Connection, the weekly news service provided in English and Spanish by the California Council of the Blind.

Remember that in order to have a message in on the next connection, please provide the message either to the office or to Gabe Griffith directly at (925) 768-8195 or Ca.connection@ccbnet.org by Wednesday before the connection is recorded, or it will need to be placed in the following connection.

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California Connection - Current Eddition
July 21, 2017

Welcome to the California connection for July 21.
In order to have a message in the connection, please provide the message either to the office or to Gabe Griffith directly at (925) 768-8195 or ca.connection@ccbnet.org by Wednesday before the connection is recorded.
Also, please make sure your message states in the subject line that it is for the connection or it may be missed.

CCB Office Hours

The CCB office will be closing at 11:30 AM on Thursday July 27. it will be open again on Friday morning.

From The President

It's that time again: our monthly presidents call.

When: Tuesday, July 25 at 7 PM
Call 712-770-8014 and use access code 127353.

Canes Across California Blast Off

The dates for CAC are August 15 through Sunday October 15.
No matter how your chapter or affiliate participates, we encourage you to register as an individual for $30. The registration fee profits go to CCB, but anything your chapter or affiliate raises stays with that chapter. Individuals or individual teams can decide whether to send money they raise to CCB or to a local affiliate.

There will be at least two more registration deadlines so that everyone who registers can receive a t-shirt by the time their event occurs. In each timeframe, we pay full price for the first 8 shirts but the rest cost us nothing.
Within minutes of opening registration, we had many board members and some chapter presidents and others sign up.

To make the deadline for this first round, Call Nicole Pacheco at the office 916-441-2100 or 800-221-6359 no later than Tuesday July 25.

The acronym CANES stands for Collaboration Through Advocacy, Networking, Engagement and Service.
Learn more about the event on the next Presidents call on July 25 and by reading Paul Shane's message in the Summer Blind Californian.

Boost Website Accessibility

The website for the manufacturer of our t-shirts is "Boost" and they are willing to make their site more accessible.
We will be using them in the future for various promotional CCB gear and want to create a positive experience for our members.

Currently the site is somewhat inaccessible. If you would be willing to work with Boost in the near term to check their website for accessibility please contact Paul at the office.

East Bay Center F/T Blind Open House

Come join the East bay center for an afternoon of socializing and refreshments. Hear about our classes, activities and services.
This is an open house you will not want to miss!

Where - East Bay Center for the Blind, 2928 Adeline Street, Berkeley, Ca 94703
When - July 29th, 12-3 PM

With any questions, email eastbaycenterfortheblind@gmail.com or phone: 510 843-6935.

Survey Opportunity About Community Mobility

Georgia Tech researchers are studying the experiences of people who have had a vision impairment for at least 5 years and rely on technologies that provide sound output (e.g., GPS, talking watches, VoiceOver on iPhone, sonic canes, crosswalks with sounds) when they are out and about in their communities.
We are most concerned with how easy or difficult it is to hear the sounds from these technologies.

To complete our survey, please go to the following link: http://sgiz.mobi/s3/cece772ce8d3

If you prefer an alternative to the electronic survey or have questions about participating in this research project, please contact Dr. Carrie Bruce at 404-385-6916 or carrie.bruce@gatech.edu

Thank you for reading,
Have a nice day

Gabe Griffith

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