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As baby-boomers age and people live longer, the need for CCB's many programs and services is growing. For blind and visually impaired people, ordinary activities like using a cellular phone or an ATM, having a job and managing personal care, are difficult. What's more, the technology taken for granted by the general population is all too often unusable for those affected by sight loss. With its statewide network of Californians who are blind and visually impaired, CCB provides the support and resources needed to break down barriers and promote more full and rewarding lives.

CCB relies on the support of individuals, foundations and corporations (not government funding) to help us realize our vision of independence and equality of opportunity. Your contribution will help us advocate for change at the legislative level and institute better, less discriminatory public policies that will enable blind and visually impaired individuals to become equal members of our community.

Some of our recent successes include increased availability of talking ATMs, accessible pedestrian signals and talking voting machines.

Please help us continue this important work by making a donation. Your support is valuable and appreciated--even a small amount helps. As we are a nonprofit tax-exempt organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

Working together we can make a profound difference!

Ways to Give

Donate by Mail or Fax

Gifts can be made by check, payable to California Council of the Blind.
Or charge your gift to a credit card by including the following information.
*** Please note: if using a credit card, enter your name and address as they appear on your card.

Name: ______________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
City: ________________ State: ________ Zip: _______________
E-mail: ______________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________
Donation Amount: ________________ or a monthly donation of:_______________ for one year*

*Credit donations only
VISA____ MASTERCARD_____ American Express _____ Discover _____
Card Number: ________________________ Expiration Date: ________
Signature: ______________________________________

Mail to:
California Council of the Blind
1303 "J" Street
Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814-2900

Fax to:
(916) 441-2188 if you are making a donation by credit card

Donate by Phone

CCB accepts American Express, Discover, VISA and MasterCard.
Contact California Council of the Blind
(916) 441-2100 or Toll Free in California 800-221-6359

Donate Stock

CCB also accepts gifts of stock.
To make arrangements, contact our main office:
(916) 441-2100 or Toll Free in California 800-221-6359

Donate from your workplace

Many workplaces conduct annual employee fundraisers, which provide a convenient way to support your favorite organizations. Please consider a gift to CCB. Since procedures vary with each local or regional campaign, please check with your workplace coordinator to make sure that you write your choice in correctly.

Make a Bequest

There are several ways that you can make a bequest or gift through your will to CCB. The provision you choose will depend upon your circumstances, what type of property you wish to bequeath and your other obligations. The kinds of bequests you can make are:

Specific Bequest: This is where you bequeath a specific sum of cash or other asset for a program you name or for CCB's use where needed. Here is some suggested wording for making a specific bequest:

"I bequeath to California Council of the Blind of Sacramento, CA. the sum of $_________________, to be used by said corporation for its general purposes."

Residuary Bequest: In this case you bequeath a specified percentage or all of the assets remaining in your estate after other expenses and bequests have been paid.

Contingent Bequest: In this case you direct that a specific amount or a percentage of your estate be paid to CCB, only if your other beneficiary does not survive you.

*The information provided is for general educational purposes only. For advice and assistance in specific cases, CCB recommends that you seek the services of a legal or financial advisor.

Donate Your Vehicle

Vehicle donations are a great way to help make a difference. When you donate your vehicle to CCB you will also benefit in the following ways:

For more information call 877-999-8322, or visit the CCB car donation page at http://www.v-dac.com/org?id=94-1265032


To make a gift of your time and services contact __________ [CCB person to fill in details about the need and roles for volunteers, and who to contact]

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